I qualified as a general nurse in 1985 in South Africa. I went on to do a diploma in Midwifery, Psychiatric Nursing and Community Health Nursing.


In 1994 I was employed as a Psychiatric nurse at Kingseat hospital. In 1997 I upgraded these qualifications to a Bachelor of Health Science.


My passion for mental health and emotional well being led me to pursue a Counselling degree in 2015 at MIT. The personal growth and development I experienced during this course fueled my passion to help others to be the best version of themselves. This included them leaving an encounter with me feeling hopeful and positive about their future.


This work resonates with my kind, compassionate and nurturing personality. I have gained experience working in a school, the Salvation Army as well as at my local faith community.


I have experienced adversity in my life, however, I have risen above it and I am deeply aware of how difficult this process can be. The choice of not allowing our experiences to define us, or predict how our story is going to unfold has been a driving force for me. Our experiences may be different, but our humanity connects us.


My work as a counsellor gives me the opportunity to come alongside you in a professional capacity, to honour your story and experiences. It is a privilege for me to sit in this sacred space with you, acknowledging your journey and navigating a way forward.


My work is carried out in line with the Code of Ethics of the NZAC.

What our clients say

Mary’s approach is full of unfailing generosity, kindness, patience and listening to me with a lot of empathy. She worked with me to ensure my goals were met.


I always look forward to going to counselling. Counselling for me has helped me in many different ways of how I see and feel about myself. Counselling is a must for everyone who needs help and wants to be helped to better themselves to succeed.


I was going through a really tough time in my life when I began having counselling sessions with Mary. She has been helping me sort through my problems, being very supportive and understanding.