Spiritual Battles


Spiritual Battles - Counselling in Auckland and Manukau

Spiritual Battles

The main dimensions of health have been identified as physical, social, psychological, and spiritual. These dimensions are interconnected, therefore a lack of wellness in one area impacts the other. This creates an imbalance which affects overall wellness.

Recent scientific research has confirmed the mind-body connection. The dimension I will focus on in this segment is the spiritual. This is the sense of connection people have with “something” outside of themselves. This connection adds meaning and purpose to their lives.

For me, spirituality is not religion. To me, religion is involved with following a belief system whereas spirituality is having a relationship with a living God. As a responsible, ethical counsellor I am able to comfortably sit with client’s who believe differently to me.

I have been able to successfully facilitate the exploration of whenever they are in their journey or their belief system.

As a Christian, it has been humbling but exciting for me to come alongside individuals who are struggling with spiritual issues. Often these individuals have felt condemned and not good enough. Often they weighed down by guilt and shame.

The transformation these individuals have experienced when they have grasped the reality of God’s unconditional love has been heartwarming and profound. At times the process is slow, however, once they can grasp this the joy and freedom it is undeniable and the impact far reaching.

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