Pearl ()

Mary’s approach is full of unfailing generosity, kindness, patience and listening to me with a lot of empathy. She worked with me to ensure my goals were met. She offered hope to me on those hopeless moments I went through. Her communication skills ooze compassion. She is a great support to others experiencing some form of a life crisis.

Alofa ()

I always look forward to going to counselling. Counselling for me has helped me in many different ways of how I see and feel about myself. Counselling is a must for everyone who needs help and wants to be helped to better themselves to succeed.

Derek ()

I was going through a really tough time in my life when I began having counselling sessions with Mary. She has been helping me sort through my problems, being very supportive and understanding. I really appreciate having her as an accountability partner, helping me to set goals and keeping me on track.